Nowadays, the excitement in playing a game has been ruined by the game makers because of the emergence of the pay to win system. Our freedom to play the game is limited because of that system. But, our King’s Raid hack tool 2018 can get it back to normal by giving you free Gold and Rubies straight to your game account.

About King’s Raid Hack Tool 2018

We all know that there are so many tools which have similar usage to ours. But, we dare to guarantee only this one that will work for sure. It is because our tool is real and not a fake. Just test it immediately if think that we just saying a bullshit.

The link below is the way to test it out. It will move you to another page where our generator belongs. If you still not ready for it, then, you need to read the further information about it that we have given below.

Here is the first appearance of the generator page. We capture this image straight from the generator itself from the link above. So, no need to worry to click it because you only will find this page.

king's raid hack tool front page

The Proof

We can understand that you still doubt it. Many people feel the same as you at the beginning. Mostly, they are afraid that after they try it their device will get harmed while they are get nothing. But, we can make sure that it will not happen as we have the proof to show you.

king's raid hack tool proof

Some users in the image above are the people who do not trust this hack at the beginning. But, take a look what they said about it after they brave themselves to try it. All the good comments come from those people. It shows that you can trust this one.

The Platforms

Android and iOS are the only platforms or OS that can use this hack tool. It is because the game itself is not available on the other platforms except those two. So, for you who uses a different one, just change it immediately to Android and iOS.

No Jailbreak Required

Many hack tools require their users to install a program that is used to jailbreak their device system. They have to do so so the users can use the tool from them. But, we will not ask you for it because it is too risky.


If you need Gold and Rubies, you only need to use King’s Raid hack tool 2018 right away. Of course, you will be satisfied like the others. So, do not waste your chance to get those currencies or you will be sorry.


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